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8 Shuttle Runs (you go I go )
2 Rounds Each
25 Wallballs
15 Toe to Bar (Rx and Int) | 15 Toes to Hip (Sc)
10 Shuttle Runs (you go I go)
2 Rounds (each)
20 Wallballs
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (Rx) | 15 Pull-ups (Int) | 15 Toes to Hip (Sc)
12 Shuttle runs (you go I go)
1 Round Together
60 Wallballs
15 Bar Muscle ups (Rx) | 25 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (Int) | 25 Pull Ups (Sc)

Wall Ball Weight
Scaled: 10/14
All Other Divisions: 14/20


3 Rep Front Squat Max

This will be a lift from the squat rack

Event score is combined max lift


30 Synchro Snatches For Time

Rx: 135/95
Intermediate: 115/75
Scaled: 95/55


11min Cap


100 Cals C2 Bike

in remaining time AMRAP YGIG Style

9 Dual Db Clean and Jerks (70/50lb Dumbbells)

50 foot Hand Stand Walk


100 Cals C2 Bike

in remaining time AMRAP YGIG Style

9 Dual Db Clean and Jerks (50/35lb Dumbbells)

50 foot Single DB Overhead Lunge


100 Cals C2 Bike

in remaining time AMRAP YGIG Style

6 Dual Db Clean and Jerks 

(50/35lb dumbbells)

50 foot Single DB Overhead Lunge


For Time



Synchro Deadlifts Axle 150/110

Burpee Box Jump Overs 24"

Drag Rope Dubs (each)



Synchro Deadlifts Axle 130/90

Burpee Box Jump Overs 24"

Drag Rope Dubs (each)



Synchro Deadlifts Axle 110/60

Burpee Box Jump Overs 20"

Drag Rope Singles (each)

Team Events: Activities


What You Need to Know


Athletes may start in front of their axle bars.
At 3,2,1 Go athletes will pick up the axle bars and begin going through their first 27 reps in a synchronized fashion. Once complete athletes will set the axle bars behind the designated line for safety. They will progress to the box and perform their burpee box jump overs in You-Go-I-Go style with each rep counting as 1. Once all the designated reps are complete one athlete will move to the drag rope and perform their set amount and then once complete the next athlete will do their set of drag ropes. Then the athletes will start back at the axle bar and do their next set, proceeding in this fashion until either time is called or they finish the very last drag rope rep.



First athlete may start on the bike.

At 3,2,1 Go team members will take turns, at their discretion, chipping away at 100 calories on the C2 bike. Once completed, one athlete will complete the first round of their couplet. This is a YGIG style workout. A full round must be completed by each athlete before tagging the next athlete in. Athletes will take turns completing full rounds until time is called. 

The score is the total number of reps the athletes accrued throughout the workout.

Movement Standards:

  • Rope Climb

    • No jumping is allowed for any division-IF ATHLETE JUMPS IT WILL BE A NO REP.

    • Standard rope climbs for all divisions except scaled which will be modified.

    • Climb to the top of the rope and touch the top of the rig.

    • Controlled descent the whole way down- IF YOU JUMP DOWN IT WILL BE A NO REP.

  • Dual Dumbbell Clean and Jerks

    • Both arms must lock out at the top of the movement with hips locked out for movement to count.

    • 1 head of each dumbbell must touch the ground. 

    • Either inside the legs or outside the legs will be allowed.

  • Concept 2 BikeErg

    • Pretty self-explanatory.

    • Switch as needed.

    • Judge will start the monitor.



Athletes may start at their barbell. 

3,2,1 Go athletes will begin chipping away at their 30 synchronized reps. When athletes perform their final rep their time will be called once both barbells are locked out overhead. 

Movement Standards:

  • Bar will start on the ground- NO HANG SNATCHES ARE ALLOWED.

  • Movement ends with the athlete in full extension with the bar locked out overhead at the top of the rep.

  • Power, split & squat snatch are allowed.

  • Controlled drops. Do not throw the barbell down.

  • Synchro will be when both athletes lock out each rep of the barbell over head at the same time. 



3,2,1 Go Athlete 1 completes all 8 shuttle runs followed by Athlete 2 (NOT alternating). Athletes will then proceed to the rig and BOTH will pick up their wall balls. Athlete 1 will perform their full round while athlete 1 holds their wall ball. Once complete with the first round, athlete 2 completes their first round while athlete 1 holds their wall ball. Wall Balls can only be put down if you are doing your gymnastic movement OR on the shuttle runs. Athlete 1 will complete their second round and then athlete 2. Athletes will continue through their rep schemes until time is called or until their final gymnastic movement where they will perform as many reps as possible until time is called. 

Movement Standards:

  • Wall Ball

    • The ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below the knee, and thrown to hit the specified target.

    • The center of the ball must hit the target at or above the specified target height. If the ball hits low or does not hit above the line it is no rep.

    • Men throw to 10ft/ Women throw to 9ft

  • Shuttle Run

    • 25ft out and 25ft back

    • Athletes must touch the line when turning around after completely crossing the line.

  • Pull-up

    • This is a standard pull-up. Dead-hang, kipping or butterfly pull-ups are all allowed. 

    • At the bottom, the arms must be fully extended. At the top, the chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar.

  • Chest-to-Bar Pull-up

    • Dead-hang, kipping or butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups are all allowed. 

    • At the bottom, the arms must be fully extended. At the top, pull-up bar must make contact below the collar bone.

  • Bar Muscle-up

    • Athletes must begin with or pass through a hang below the bar, with the arms fully extended and the feet off the ground.

    • The movement is finished when the athlete presses out of the dip to full extension at the top of the pull-up bar.

  • Toes-to-Hip

    • Starts in a fully-extended hang position.

    • Heels must pass the vertical plane of the pull-up bar at bottom.

    • Toes must clear the horizontal plane of the hip at the top. Legs can be straight or bent.

  • Toes-to-Bar

    • Athletes must go from a full hang to having the toes touch the pull-up bar.

    • Both feet must touch the bar together, inside the hands. 

    • The arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom and the feet must be brought back to behind the bar, passing the vertical plane of the rig.



When athletes enter the competition floor they will set their rack to the desired height for the female lifter.

One 45# barbell will be used for both female and male lifts. 

At 3,2,1 Go female athletes will begin loading their bars and performing their 3 rep front squat attempts (male partners may help load bars). Male athletes will lift when females are done. Athletes may remove the barbell to adjust the rack height for male lifter if needed.  Females are unable to lift again once males begin. Teams will have 12 minutes to complete all of their work. 

**At the end of each heat, athletes will strip the barbell and return weights & barbells to their starting positions. Barbell starting position is on the rack (no weight loaded).

Scorecards will be visual in nature. You will be marking the plates used on ONE SIDE of the barbell for this event and marking whether or not the attempt was a HIT (successful) or MISS (unsuccessful). All math will be done in the scoring booth. 

Movement Standards:

  • Front Squat

    • Each set of front squats must begin with the barbell on the rack. If the barbell ends up on the ground from a failed attempt, any athlete may replace it on the rack.

    • The crease of the athlete’s hip must be clearly below the top of the knees at the bottom.

    • The bar must remain in the front-rack position. The hands do NOT need to remain on the bar.

    • The rep is credited when the athlete’s hips and knees reach full extension while the bar is supported in the front-rack position.

Team Events: FAQ
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