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What You Need to Know

Check back frequently as we will be updating this often with additional details surrounding the event.


Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC), 350 Harbor Dr., Duluth, MN 55802. The GameDay Comp floor is in Pioneer Hall. (See map below.)

*Note: GameDay North will be taking place alongside the North Shore Inline Marathon expo in Pioneer Hall! Check out for their event details, and come prepared to experience a piece of the USA’s largest skating race while you compete and cheer on GameDay athletes!


Check in at the DECC in South Pioneer Hall either Friday night from 5:30pm – 7:30pm or Saturday morning from 6:30am – 10:00am. 


NOTE: If you are an athlete who hopped in to replace another athlete after shirt orders had already been submitted, you will get the size elected by the original athlete. However, you may absolutely come by to swap for another size after all athletes have checked in (after 10am on Saturday).


Food and drinks will be available for purchase onsite. A menu will be sent out the week of the comp to help you plan what you want to bring vs. buy. Concessions will be open 7:30am - 7pm on Saturday and 7:30am - 3pm on Sunday.

The venue asks that coolers are not visible in the venue. 


  1.  (the below will be linked closer to the event)

    1. Briefing of Saturday’s Workouts: Friday @ ~7:30pm, Live & via FB Live 

      1. Day 1 Briefing (check back Friday night for link)

    2. Briefing of Sunday’s Workouts: There’s a live band performance taking place at the venue Saturday night, so we’ll pre-record the briefing of Sunday’s workouts. There will be a FB Live viewing of the briefing video on Saturday evening and the GameDay Team will be online answering questions during the viewing.

Day 2 Briefing (check back Saturday night for link)


HEAT TIMES can be found here.

Day 2 heats will be restructured and shared in the same doc after Day 1 of the competition.


None needed; this is a free event!


Plan for the events to be on time and heats to run as scheduled. Budget extra time to find parking and walk to Pioneer Hall.


Plan to BYO rollers, PVC pipes, wrist wraps, tape, knee sleeves, protein, supplements and anything else you need to warm up and get you through the workouts. Note: Regular jump ropes aren’t needed. You will use GameDay-provided drag ropes for workouts.


There is an outdoor event Saturday afternoon. While the workout itself may vary, be prepared to still be outside if it is raining.


  1. Day 1: Located in tunnel towards Door #6 (south corner past Concessions)

  2. Day 2: North Pioneer Hall will be open for athletes to set up camp

Event Info: FAQ
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